Invako AS has been the leading manufacturer of solutions for over 30 years.

Invako is the leading partner when it comes to development and production of solutions for applying corrosion inhibiting compounds. We offer a wide range of products. From the smallest specialized nozzles to complete spraying systems. We are proud to be the preferred partner of both the automotive and the airplane industry. By developing sturdy and accurate solutions, Invako has over the years become a renown worldwide actor and the “go to” company within the above designated markets.

With a broad industry knowledge, we can ensure you that our customers always get the right solutions. 

Standard products

We offer a wide range of industry standard products,
 suited for a wide selection of tasks.



In need of something different? We can customize 
products and solutions to deal with your specific tasks.

Complete Solutions

We also design complete solutions, tailored to
your needs and wants.


We are constantly coming up with new products and
solutions, based on special needs and customer feedback.

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